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Buontalenti Ice Cream Cones

Ice Cream Cones

Buontalenti prides itself on making cones with high quality and freshness. They are light and flaky with just the right amount of sugary sweetness. In addition to the wide range of plain cones we also produce dipped and decorated varieties.

Barista Delice

Barista Delice

Barista Delice is aimed at the world of modern coffee shops, with a whole range of special products: cups of chocolate and waffles to eat after tasting the coffee, blended coffe mix, aromatic syrups and decorations that make the experience unique.

Buontalenti Mixy

Buontalenti Mixy

Mixy is a range intended for the HORECA market, with which to prepare tasty crepes, cones, waffles and pancakes quickly and easily. Customized solutions to make your ice cream unique, attractive and recognizable among many.

Buontalenti Italian Gelato

The “Tradition Mood”

We believe in the strength of tradition

The “Tradition Mood” is a way of being that represents the perfect ice cream style, comfort and beauty and identifies certain habits that tend to make life a pleasant experience. The aesthetic result is a general propensity for elegance, the gastronomic result is a large availability of preparations that produce refined and never banal flavors. Even the simplest of bars, may surprise you with its own personal and tasty recipe.

Buontalenti captures the essence of quality with a range of high-quality traditional products, designed to meet the satisfaction of international coffee shops. Premium ingredients create a bouquet of flavors that truly stand out.


Buontalenti Heritage

Buontalenti gelato is like no other in the world, a masterpiece with a large variety of flavours. Once you’ve tried it, nothing else will compare.

Buontalenti makes the difference! We offer vegan and gluten-free options in order to satisfy a large variety of palates and dietary restrictions.

We are interested to carry the best of the best when it comes to flavors and taste. Making a difference has never tasted so good!

Ice Cream Cones-Wafer

100% wheat and water cones

A history of quality, tradition and innovation. All are natural products without milk and derivative, vegan product without GMO.

Wafer Coppe


Wafer Cornetti






Buontalenti Gelato

Because customers know how to appreciate the value of an artisanal product.

Buontalenti Natural Italian Gelato

Customized Solutions

Buontalenti offers customized solutions to make your gelato unique, attractive and recognizable among many.

Puri is the customized solution to create your artisan gelato and make it unique and unmistakable.

Variegati is the range of vegan formulations, greenlab, without added sugars, premixed by hand with care and attention, obtained with traditional and innovative ingredients. The ready-to-use preparation with ingredients before choice mixed with wisdom for you.


Premium quality products. Just add water for your creation.

Mixy is a product range designed for HORECA market, to prepare tasty crepes, cones, waffles and pancakes in a quick and easy way.
With the right addition of water, dough will be ready in a few minutes.

Powder mix for cones


Mix Powder for Cones.

Powder mix for crepes


Mix Powder for Crepes.

Powder mix for pancakes


Mix Powder for Panckaes.

Powder mix for waffle


Mix Powder for Waffle.

Buontalenti Barista Delice

Exquisite delicacies selection for premium coffee shops.



Hot & Cold blended coffee mix with premium Italian coffee. Blended coffee, granita, iced/hot beverage.

Special Choco Wafercup

Special Choco Wafercup

The Special Choco Wafercups are a different and tasty opportunity for the consumer.



Decorbisco can be customized with the company logo or with a phrase of your choice.

Coffee Cream

Coffee Creams

Different flavors to satisfy the desires of the most demanding customers with selected quality ingredients.

Quality & Tradition

beyond time

Buontalenti Quality and Tradition