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Buontalenti is a trade mark of CORONA  that believes in the timeless allure of tradition. Gelato, a delightful treat with a rich history, offers fewer calories, less sugar, and lower fat content per serving than ice cream. Its silky texture and vibrant flavors are best savored at warmer temperatures, creating a perfect harmony of cool refreshment. Almost every culture has a version of this frozen delight, but gelato stands out as a symphony of sweetness, density, and refreshment, ideal for enjoying during the hot summer months. We channel our expertise into crafting genuine products using only the finest flours and pure water.

We provide a wide range of products designed for the HORECA market, featuring quality natural products, vegan options, and items free from milk and its derivatives, as well as genetically modified ingredients. Many of our offerings also come in gluten-free versions.

Buontalenti equips you with everything you need to leave a lasting impression on your customers!

About Buontalenti
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We proudly embrace and interpret the authentic essence of tradition with our range of high-quality products, carefully crafted to satisfy the discerning tastes of the international coffee shop. One thing we’ve particularly noticed is the insatiable demand for gelato. People love gelato for countless reasons: its delicious taste, soft and smooth texture, intense flavor, and refreshing clean taste. Gelato invigorates, energizes, and simply makes you feel good! Our use of superior ingredients creates a bouquet of flavors that truly makes a difference.

We take immense pride in delivering the very best to our customers!


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